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HFC Intramural Program

The HFC Intramural Program is a well established and highly popular community-based sports organization.   We support well over 800 players, dozens of teams, and an array of enthusiastic coaches and volunteers.

HFC intramural teams are formed through a simple registration process during the fall and summer and are geared toward the player who is developing an interest in soccer. These are "no cut" teams and are only limited by the maximum roster size established by league commissioners. Rosters are generally formed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

HFC looks to support these players with our Director of Player Development and volunteer coaches with a background in soccer as a player, coach, or with the interest promoting teamwork and increasing the love of the game for the player. 

HFC provides additional skills training opportunities through our camps and internal programming offered throughout the year. Future expansion into providing dedicated Goalkeeper/Striker Training is planned as part of the club's dedication to improving the skills and growth of our players.

Intramural Philosophy

HFC is committed to developing within all our players the necessary skills to succeed on and off the field and to instill within each player a passion for playing the game. We strongly endorse US Youth Soccer’s coaching education philosophy:

  • Our goal is to unlock the game within children so they may reach their full soccer potential.
  • Play - Children come to play the game, not to work, not to listen to the coach lecture, and not to discuss the game. They come to PLAY and playing equals fun.
  • The Game is the Teacher - Players learn best by actually playing the game in an environment where they feel free to try new ideas.
  • Organized Spontaneity - Encouragement of free and unbridled play by modifying the playing environment to small-sided games (3v3, 4v4, 6v6, 8v8) and limiting the amount of input from the coach. Again, the game is the best teacher.
  • Age and developmentally appropriate educational curriculum of coaching education. The needs of U6 players and coaches are different than those of U12 players and coaches. Developmentally appropriate methodology includes addressing the psychomotor, cognitive, and psychosocial implications of child development.
  • Most importantly, every child is unique and special. They should be respected for who they are. They come to us to learn soccer. It should be lots of fun for them. We, as adults, should be there for them and realize that the game is solely about them, not us.


HFC IM Soccer Day: Saturday, September 8th, 2018

HFC IM Summer Soccer Day was held on Saturday September 8th.  

Soccer Day is a tournament style competiiton that celebrates the ending of the Summer IM season.  Age groups U6 through U19 compete on the same day to vie for the top spot in each division in an atmosphere of fun and sportsmanship.  It is a day filled with tough competition all in the spirit of the true community spirit that is HFC. Games start at 8am and last into the afternoon for a full day of fun filled activity.